Q. Where are your salsas made?

A. San Francisco, CA.

Q. How often do you make your salsa?

A. Daily.

Q. Where in California are your tortillas made?

A. The Aranda Tortilla Factory is in Stockton, CA

Q. How much corn do you use a week manufacturing tortillas and chips?

A. Up to 100 tons a week!

Q. Is Casa Sanchez Foods SF capable of international distribution?

A. Yes

Q. How long has the Sanchez family been making tortillas, salsa and chips in San Francisco?

A. 90 years and counting.

Q. Some of your products list chemicals… what are they for?

A. We use only the smallest amounts of chemicals: such as Baking Powder and Calcium Propionate as needed for preservatives. However, most of our products use no preservatives at all.

Q. Your recipes are interesting. Where do you find them?

A. Some are traditional Mexican recipes pulled from the Casa Sanchez Restaurant. But we find many wonderful and healthy dishes on the internet (i.e. www.foodbabe.com)